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WeChat editor


1、Responsible for the operation of editing WeChat public number, service number, the data collection, collation and publishing content;

2、By the amount of time WeChat and micro-blog update;

3、WeChat increased the number of users, interact with the fans, maintain and increase activity;

4、Views of collection, analysis and reporting;

5、With the various sectors of the editorial activities of the propaganda and finishing.


1、Bachelor degree or above;

2、With 1-2 years or above editing experience; with WeChat or APP promotion experience is preferred;

3、Familiar with the use of WeChat, micro-blog and other media platforms;

4、Good creative and written expression, can independently complete the content editor;

5、Basic page, picture is preferred;

6、Engaged in sports industry, love the runner's priority test.

Operations specialist (activity planning)


1、Responsible for the planning, operation, promotion and summary of the running group on the line;

2、Mainly to do a good job of foreign cooperation, publicity, and resource management, maintenance;

3、Do a good job in the group's annual work, the monthly work plan, implementation and summary;

4、Do a good job in the production, implementation and management of the budget;

5、Running around the head of the communication, organization and coordination;

6、Running around the group of volunteers management, organization and coordination;

7、Running around the Secretariat of the formation and work guidance;

8、Run the group of materials management, distribution and statistics;

9、Run the group WeChat public number, WeChat group, micro-blog and the group of the operation and management of the group;

10、Other daily work of the group.


1、College degree or above;

2、Sunshine,enthusiasm and cheerful, have certain planning and organization ability;

3、Love running, athletes.

Marketing Director

1、Responsible for the company's brand and products;
2、Monitoring market dynamics, regular data analysis, assessment of user needs, positioning of the company's products;
3、Develop the overall promotion plan of the company;
4、The 4 organizations perform a variety of online and offline marketing activities, media promotion;
5、Increase the company's visibility and number of users;
6、Team building and personnel training;
1、University degree holder in Marketing, , e-commerce, advertising or related disciplines
2、More than 5 years experience in electronic platform or product promotion;
3、Proficient in marketing planning, marketing, promotion, media publicity and other procedures;
4、Has a strong market analysis, brand positioning and planning skills;
5、Have practical experience in project management, media promotion resources;
6、Proactive, creative and team building ability;
7、Engaged in sports industry, love to run is preferred.

Product manager(Travel direction)
1、Planning the flow and page of the tourism platform, to provide customers with the best user experience, and keen to continue to optimize;
2、Responsible for product requirements, design, development and marketing;
3、The business needs of the product analysis, and technical development team closely, on schedule to complete the project on-line;
4、With the needs of the company, to develop operational plans, continuous improvement of products, enhance the user experience;
5、Monitoring the operation of the product data, to provide targeted improvements to the site, the site is responsible for the transformation and customer activity;
6、Continuous analysis of user needs and track the industry dynamics.
1、Bachelor degree or above;
2、Fluent oral and written English, fluent in reading and writing;
3、Two years or more international travel agency project (Japan and South Korea, Europe, North America) planning or team leader working experience;
4、Cheerful, love sports, good communication skills;
5、With a high sense of responsibility and customer service awareness.